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With the DiaSoft software package developed by Megachip , it is now possible for independent repair shops to retrieve fault codes from the on-board computer of modern cars.

You can use any PC which runs on MS-Windows 3.1 or on Win 95/98. The DiaSoft software package includes the connection cable to make contact with the car. Its easy to learn how to handle DiaSoft and we offer in-house training to intensify your diagnostic skills.

The fault code is displayed as written text, and in most cases short and easy to understand repair tips are provided.

Just like the original diagnostic tool produced by the car manufacturer, DiaSoft also allows you to perform complete diagnoses by providing essential functions which enable you to delete fault codes and check the status of the car components.

One thing worth realizing: the time spent exchanging control units and/or components as well as the time it takes to determine voltage with the voltmeter is no longer cost-effective on modern cars.

Your shop will need sophisticated diagnostic tools because the cars currently under warranty will soon be serviced and repaired by independent repair shops.

At this time DiaSoft is available for BMW cars. Mercedes Benz will follow within 1998.

The price for the DiaSoft diagnostic package is available upon request.

A DEMO-VERSION is available  here.

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DiaSoft can currently read out and control the following devices:
1. DME
2. DDE
3. EML
4. EGS
5. ZKE / ZVM
6. Tacho
7. BC / MID
8. Airbag
9. NAV
10. EWS
11. ABS
12. IHK
13. Full Test with print-out function



MS-Windows 3.11, MS-Windows 95 or MS-Windows 98
Bidirectional LPT Bus (ECP), screen-resolution of min. 800 x 600 pixel
MS-Windows 3.11 and MS-Windows 95 are registered Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
DiaSoft and Megachip are registered trademarks of Megachip Co. Germany.


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